Specialists in floor safety

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SlipBec offers a wide range of products to improve traction on a variety of surfaces. You can improve safety and help prevent slip-fall accidents in your home, bathtub, shower, kitchen, restaurant, hotel, or anywhere. STOP ACCIDENTS BEFORE THEY HAPPEN!

Do you have slippery tiles or a slippery tub?
Problem solved! We stock the highest quality products. A very easy application will transform your floor to a non-slip surface.

Keeping Your Floors SAFE is Our Passion

  • We are Dedicated to Your Safety
  • We Specialize in Keeping Your Surfaces SAFE
  • We Use Only State-of-the-Art Equipment and Products
  • We Provide Effective and Safe Solutions for Your Home or Business
  • You Will Live and Work Worry-Free from Slip And Fall Accidents
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Image 03 Our Specialized team will apply our products